Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation requires expediency and efficiency. We recognize that no one wants to get embroiled in litigation but we are ready willing and able to proceed to court when it does. While the goal is to settle a case quickly, the best negotiation revolves around a willingness to proceed to court if necessary. Quality, efficiency, and tenacity. We are your real estate litigation lawyers.

• Breaches of Agreements of Purchase and Sale;
• Disputes with real estate agents/ brokers respecting commissions, misrepresentations, breaches of fiduciary duty;
• Dispute involving home appraisals;
• Disputes respecting property defects;
• Claims Possession, Foreclosure, Judicial Sale;
• Litigation revolving around power of sale proceedings;
• Mortgage enforcement proceedings;
• Property damage disputes;
• Insurance disputes involving real property;
• Interference of enjoyment of real property;
• Boundary disputes;
• Complex real estate disputes.