Cyber and Privacy Breach

Have you received a notification that your privacy information has been compromised?  If so, contact us today. 

Have you been a victim of a cyber breach?  Has your credit card information, health records, identity been compromised by way of a privacy breach?  Have your intimate photos / videos been shared without consent?  Are you the target of revenge porn?  You are not alone and you have legal rights to compensation.

It has been said that “data is the new oil” and it has an intrinsic value to companies.  Almost every company from multi-nationals to the local bakery are dependant on gathering and using your personal data in order to operate their businesses.  While as companies are quick to gather your data, they are often negligent in the manner in which they secure it.   Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in a company’s cyber security defences and often these weaknesses ought to have been identified beforehand.  If a company failed to safeguard your personal information, than they may have a legal obligation to compensate you for their failures.  The best known means to respond is by way of a class action.  If you have received a notice from a company that your personal information has been compromised than contact us to discuss what to do next.

The prevalence of social media, and cameras on every phone, has resulted in an amazing means of communication in our society.  However, there is a dark side too.  Unfortunately, people whom we trust one day sharing our intimate photos and videos turn out to be deceitful later on.  Once these photos / videos are posted on social media they may exist on-line forever.  If you have suffered a breach of your shared intimate photos / videos than we can help make the perpetrator pay.

Cary Schneider has an expertise in cyber and privacy breach.  He has a diploma from Harvard in cyber-security, is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and is Certified Information Privacy Professional \ Canada (CIPP\C).