London Life

The London Life Insurance Company was founded in 1874.

The company was taken over by The Great-West Life.  As a result, the forms below are the same for that insurance company.

The lawyers at Schneider Law Firm have a history of working with the adjusters and lawyers at London Life, successfully ensuring entitlement to benefits from the start, and if they deny, successfully forcing them to re-instate benefits and/or settle claims.  There is no charge to call us to discuss what your options are.

You are not required to have both a physical and psychological doctor fill out forms.  One of the two is sufficient.


We have tried to put together the forms for you, for some of the LTD insurance providers.  Please understand though that this is meant to be a guide for you to understand the paperwork involved, and the form that is available on our web site may not be the appropriate form that the insurance company requires.  Schneider Law Firm PC takes no responsibility for utilizing the forms available on our website.